Monday, February 22, 2010

lots of walks

last week was ben's reading week (no school) so we got to spend lots of time outside! one day we walked to regent's park, which is a very large, nearby-ish park that contains the london zoo, pretty gardens, and black swans (and many other birds from all over the world). another day, we took a longer walk to hyde park. just beyond the park is the most wonderful whole foods i have ever seen (3 stories, a huge cheese room, a chocolate counter with great samples...), so we spent some time there and dreamed of being rich enough to fill a cart someday. on the bus ride home, we sat in the front seats upstairs and got a nice city tour.

THEN, we walked to and around hyde park, to whole foods, and back home. we hoped to check out speakers corner, but there were no speakers there. i had to track our mileage when we got home, because i am nerdy like that and the walk was very long. 9.1 miles long. the pictures don't look great, but hyde park is really big and beautiful, and we can't wait to walk around when it's greener and warmer. there are no black swans, but at least 50 really enormous white ones and monstrously large pigeons.

a little dock on the serpentine (a large body of water built for a queen? in the 1700s)

princess diana memorial fountain--it's a big circle that flows downward from both sides at the top. pretty neat in real life.


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Elise said...


I did get your message. Wahoo for your girly havinga dance party in your tum. It must be nice already having a name picked out for her. She really has a great life set out for her and when she intorduces herself it will be rad "hey my name is Elise, it rhymes with peace (as she gives the peace sign)".

The chico stick recipe is the same as the violet crumble recipe except you add peanut butter & peanuts. The consistency will obviously be different, allowing you to spread it in a pan, let it cool, add cocunut & roll it up like a pumpkin roll. and then coat it in coconut.

I know you don't want to blog about your belly but could you at least blog about something!:)

Brookie said...

wooty wooty congrats :) I agree with Elise, at least post about something. oh and I miss you lots!

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Betsy said...

you have not posted in 3 weeks!