Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter to you

not much is new, but all is well. ben is on a long break from school, which mostly means that he gets to study and write papers all day instead of going to class and studying and writing papers. after his big papers are turned in and finals are done, he'll start his dissertation. he works really hard, but we are still lucky enough to get to spent lots and lots of time together.

i spend my days reading and studying and going for walks, and i've had a bit of temporary work lately. i also bake snacks for ben to bring to school--banana muffins and bran muffins lately. when i couldn't stand a lot of smells, indian food and lentils were out. now i like them again, so we've been experimenting with lots of recipes (palak paneer is a recent favorite) and it's been delightful.

every saturday we take our very long walk through hyde park. we normally walk home, but yesterday we walked straight to general conference (it's broadcasted live, morning session at 5:00 pm here) and took a bus home. these pictures are from our walk last week. we're both wearing raincoats because it has been pouring or sunny every 20 minutes lately. and doesn't ben look stunning in glasses?

that's about all. life is good. we are happy.

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Kate Lewis said...

I love the glasses. And the palak paneer looks great--I copied the recipe so I can try it sometime, hopefully soon.