Wednesday, August 18, 2010

two car garage

well, the predictions are coming to pass.
everybody said nora would lose her soft, beautiful hair,
but ben and i didn't want to believe it.

here's nora on her one month birthday

then just a couple days later!
(ben always makes sure that her pants are pulled up properly)

now it's almost all gone in the front
(but still full and thick in the back--it's quite funny.
and isn't this a sweet picture?)
but she has a straight hairline coming in
instead of what ben calls the
"two car garage"

anyway, that's the big news.
here's ben playing with nora in the morning.
he always plays with her first thing to give me a chance to shower or just sit around by myself.
and she loves it when he holds her like this.

oh, and look who started smiling today!
we couldn't catch a non-action shot
but i'm sure there are plenty of toothless grins to come!


Richard and Emily said...

she is so adorable! I'm glad you're posting a lot of pictures! I love it!

The Barben Adventures said...

Thanks for the darling pictures! She looks just like you!