Monday, June 6, 2011

still singing praises to royal jordanian

our flight back from damascus was pretty last-minute. we had the choice between a 24-hour flight and a 35-hour...and chose 35 hours to save $1000. we were definitely prepared for the worst.

first item of good news: a snack and a meal on our first 2-hour leg (we always starve when we fly, for some reason).

we flew from damascus to aleppo, then to amman, where we were anticipating staying nine hours in the airport. when we got there at 1:00 am, we went to ask where to find our stroller. the nice men said that they'd find it for us, then take us to the shuttle to our hotel. what welcome words! it was so nice to get a few hours of sleep before the very long flight ahead, and to have the men figure out the transit visas and everything for us.

the rest of the story is too long and not very exciting, so i will leave you with these pictures of us lounging about our hotel in amman in the middle of the night.

ben checking email and nora matching the bed cover

apples before sleep.

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