Friday, July 12, 2013

a happy birthday to miss nora!

we've been talking about this birthday for a good six months--mostly because she asks for watermelon and i tell her when it's hot and time for her birthday, there will be watermelon. though i guess she's had her fill already, because for dinner she only requested cauliflower, and an "enormous cake with dozens and dozens of candles and dozens and dozens of decorations." 

after further prodding, she decided on pesto pasta with peas, and strawberry ice cream with the cake. and a princess. 

the princess has been on. her. mind. the past two weeks. "i'm hoping for a tiny princess with a pink dress and pink hair and pink high heels, and one with a blue dress and blue hair and blue high heels. but i think i'll just start with one princess."

so we did indeed go to target, and (among an array of zombie and other creepy dolls?) found her perfect tiny princess. she has been clutching her ever since, and showing us how to "clasp, pull and snap" to get her dresses on and off. also, she showed the man at trader joe's her princess, and told him it is her birthday, and she made off with a good four yards of stickers. she's been a happy girl.

and i've been thinking about two-month, screaming baby nora, and how i was just hoping then that things might get a little easier. it was entirely beyond my furthest imaginings that she might become this sweet, mellow girl who calls me mother dear, shouts "yummers!" when she eats broccoli, has a huge and hilarious collection of phrases and vocabulary from every book she's ever read, and is my willing partner in anytime-dark chocolate-eating. life with her is just so, so good. 

below are some pictures of our gorgeous little lady. these are from our recent trip to visit elise in boston, and camping in maine (which will hopefully be another post. or at least a facebook photo dump).

listening to a tide pool safety talk while wearing her "movie star glasses"
"gg gave me this nice bear with a tutu. i call her missy miss."
visiting old friends at wavus
on the dock at damariscotta lake
"butterfly princess!" 
nora's very first swim, in walden pond


Betsy said...

I LOVE IT WHEN YOU POST THINGS. And I still think of you as my 'ridiculously good looking couple' friends, just so you know. ;)

Rachel said...

Hooray! So fun to get a sneak peak into your life. Nora is adorable and I'm sure you are the best mom EVER!!!

Katie Lewis said...

While I do not approve of Nora already being 3, I will say that she is one gorgeous, charming child. But then, with you for a mother, how could she not be? Happy Birthday Nora baby. Please come visit me one day.

kassidi bridge said...

These pictures are darling. Had so much fun with you all last night!

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